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New USPS President’s Day Stamp

USPS Presents John F. Kennedy Stamp Out of appreciation for President’s DayA president for President’s Day — that is the thing that the Postal usps open hours Service™ arranged for this present year while presenting another 2017 Forever® stamp which perceives the centennial of the introduction of John Fitzgerald Kennedy at a function in February.Kennedy was the 35th leader of the Assembled States, the country’s first Catholic president and at age 43, the most youthful individual chose to the country’s most noteworthy office.The president was killed on Nov. 22, 1963 and however I never had an opportunity to meet him, through research at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Exhibition hall in Boston, Mama, and the cutting edge comforts of a telephone and PC, I’ve turned out to be familiar with him in more courses than simply up close and personal. usps tracking number

JFK StampsThree U.S. stamps include John Fitzgerald Kennedy; the 5-penny stamp discharged on Kennedy’s birthday May 29, 1964 and the 13-penny stamp discharged on what might have been his 50th birthday in 1967. He additionally showed up on the two-page Ameripex stamp issue of “Leaders of the Assembled States” in 1986.The fourth John F. Kennedy stamp has appeared, highlighting a photo by Ted Spiegel of Kennedy crusading for president in Seattle, WA, in 1960. The craftsmanship on the stamp sheet, composed by workmanship chief Derry Noyes, indicates President Kennedy in intelligent posture in a 1970 oil painting by Aaron Shikler (civility of the White House/White House Chronicled Association).With this stamp, Kennedy remains in the corridors of philatelic history with Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, having been respected with at least three individual stamps. Every single expired president before 1986 are portrayed in the 1986 “Leaders of the Assembled States” issue and some have their own stamps as well. A prior presidential gathering in 1938 depicted all presidents from 1789 to 1928.Though JFK was not a stamp gatherer, people in general still sent him stamps on subjects, for example, St. Patrick’s Day, the 50th Commemoration of the Chinese Upheaval and General John J. Pershing. One stamped envelope had a photo of the San Francisco-Oakland Sound Extension. He and Mrs. Kennedy were made a request to sign it after it had been marked by Presidents Hoover, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt and their wives.As Kennedy’s notoriety developed around the world, his philatelic sensation additionally spread and is all the more effortlessly observed today on the web. One site asserts more than 400 postage stamps from various nations with JFK and related subjects.

Dedicatory Stamps Observe Outstanding Individuals and AchievementsStamps are one approach to show acclaim. Once more, the web acts the hero publicizing each John F. Kennedy road, stop, airplane terminal, and school on the planet. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Reference Annalist Stacey Chandler stated, “The exploration room doesn’t keep a total rundown of the organizations named after John F. Kennedy. I realize that at one point ahead of schedule in the library’s history, endeavors were made to attempt to stay aware of this; notwithstanding, the quantity of schools, lanes, and different locales named after him developed more rapidly than staff could track them, so we don’t have a present rundown of them now.”Two understood namesake postal structures are John Fitzgerald Kennedy Station in Boston and JFK Worldwide Administration Center in Jamaica, NY. Parkhill Post Office in North Little Shake, AR is additionally on John F. Kennedy Road and the Papillion Branch of Omaha, NE, was committed to the president.There’s more to the physical, scholarly and political legacy that Kennedy abandoned — that is the general population — his family, the country and associates. In a current meeting, Thomas Costin, now 90, discussed his relationship to Kennedy whom he initially met in 1946 when he shook his hand after a rally. As an individual from the Lynn, Mama, City Board at age 21, Costin had made an impact on Kennedy’s dad Joe, who advised John and his sibling Ted to work with him on enactment including cities.After numerous communications, Kennedy offered Costin an occupation in Washington DC which he swung down to remain neighborhood. Be that as it may, at Kennedy’s initiation, Kennedy got some information about a position. He said he needed to be Postmaster in Lynn and Kennedy said yes. Amid those circumstances individuals worked through their neighborhood political pioneers to get positions. “It was extremely political,” Costin said. “My name was the special case that the President himself supported that year prior to the Senate took a vote on it.”Postmaster occupations are no longer political arrangements and the Postmaster General is no longer piece of the president’s cabinet.Costin says of his time as a Postmaster from 1961 to 1992: “On the off chance that we hadn’t modernized, we would be bankrupt today.”

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Clearing Up Confusion About The Future of Post Offices

I called my 71-year old father the other day for our weekly chat.  He recently moved to a new city in Florida and he mentioned he often goes to the Post Office there to mail his bills and take care of other business in person.  I asked my dad if he likes his new town’s Post Office and the conversation went something like this:Dad:  “Well, Toni – as long as it stays open, I’ll be so happy.  The folks working there are really nice and they work very hard – but, you never know what might happen.”Toni:  “Dad, why do you think your Post Office is going to close?”Dad:  “I keep hearing they are closing Post Offices around the country.  There’s just so much uncertainty about the Postal Service’s future.”Toni:  “Dad, your Post Office won’t close unless your community makes that choice.  What the Postal Service is doing is asking residents in towns with the smallest Post Offices to choose the best option for their town.  In these places, residents are surveyed and they can choose to:– Keep the Post Office open with modified retail hours of 2, 4 or 6 hours a day to match customer use;– Have a rural carrier or a highway contract route provide delivery to residents and businesses;– Create a Village Post Office in an existing store in the town; or– Offer service from a nearby Post Office.Whichever option the town chooses, there will still be access to PO Boxes and the town’s Zip Code and community identity will be retained.”Needless to say, my dad was very happy he didn’t have to worry about his Post Office closing.  As a result of these efforts, the Postal Service has been able to keep over 13,000 smaller Post Offices open across the country to serve customers.

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New USPS.com Redesign

Did you know our website USPS.com has had over 6 million visits in one day? And now, with its recent simplified redesign, visitors to usps.com will experience an improved look and feel, plus a streamlined design and structure. Best of all, information and applications can be found with fewer clicks on both desktops and tablets.Highlights of the USPS.com redesign include:• Streamlined design: in order to minimize clicks and focus on making transactions easier, we have reduced the informational pages down to 50.• Easier bookmarking: Customers will see a message letting them know when a page has moved before rerouting them to the new location, making it easier to bookmark content visited regularly.• Intuitive navigation reflected in the blue bar at the top of the page:
Quick Tools
Mail & Ship
Track & Manage
Postal Store
Help• Improved mobility: the content pages are now optimized for tablet and phone• Social Sharing buttons are more prominent so you can reach other Postal Service platforms with just a click.Built around You–The improvements made were based on extensive research and consumer and business testing. This feedback is at the core of the redesign and we are truly thrilled to release the upgrades right before the holidays. We want our customer to think of the new and improved usps.com website as “Your Post Office Anywhere.”Use “Your Post Office Anywhere” to order free holiday Priority Mail boxes and shop for gifts at our on-line postal store. Order your holiday stamps and have them shipped right to your door, learn about critical mail-by dates and track multiple packages with MYUSPS.com. Ship your gifts using our online shipping label application and get discounted postage and free package pickup.Let “Your Post Office Anywhere” help you click – and swipe – your way through the holiday shipping and mailing season, 24/7 when and where you need us.

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