Clearing Up Confusion About The Future of Post Offices

I called my 71-year old father the other day for our weekly chat.  He recently moved to a new city in Florida and he mentioned he often goes to the Post Office there to mail his bills and take care of other business in person.  I asked my dad if he likes his new town’s Post Office and the conversation went something like this:Dad:  “Well, Toni – as long as it stays open, I’ll be so happy.  The folks working there are really nice and they work very hard – but, you never know what might happen.”Toni:  “Dad, why do you think your Post Office is going to close?”Dad:  “I keep hearing they are closing Post Offices around the country.  There’s just so much uncertainty about the Postal Service’s future.”Toni:  “Dad, your Post Office won’t close unless your community makes that choice.  What the Postal Service is doing is asking residents in towns with the smallest Post Offices to choose the best option for their town.  In these places, residents are surveyed and they can choose to:– Keep the Post Office open with modified retail hours of 2, 4 or 6 hours a day to match customer use;– Have a rural carrier or a highway contract route provide delivery to residents and businesses;– Create a Village Post Office in an existing store in the town; or– Offer service from a nearby Post Office.Whichever option the town chooses, there will still be access to PO Boxes and the town’s Zip Code and community identity will be retained.”Needless to say, my dad was very happy he didn’t have to worry about his Post Office closing.  As a result of these efforts, the Postal Service has been able to keep over 13,000 smaller Post Offices open across the country to serve customers.

aashi sharma

grima punj

salu rai

deepika arora


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